Cheryl Pelavin

I have had a passion for animals all of my life. With digital photography, I am able to place my camera in front of many wild beings. I am constantly trying to improve my technique, to tell the story of these marvelous creatures we share the planet with. <br />
<br />
For each sale of my work, I donate 10% of the selling price to a wildlife conservation group.

 I have been an artist, printmaker, children's book author and illustrator, animation designer, fine art publisher and contemporary art dealer.

But my first loves were always animals and making art.

 Digital photography and inspiring people have given me the tools to share and develop my vision. Being close to wild animals and birds, visiting their homes and viewing them with the addition of a camera lens is my idea of being totally alive.  

MY efforts support the wildlife I love so much, as, with each sale of a piece of work, I am making a 10% contribution to a conservation organization. 

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