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Varicolored Emerald Hummingbird

Varicolored Emerald Hummingbird

My group mates were essentially bird photographers. I went on the trip to photograph Jaguars, Giant River Otters, Toco Toucans and Harpy Eagles. Things don't always turn out as planned. By the time we got to REGUA in the Atlantic Rainforest I was ready to sit down with my camera. The lodge had hummingbird feeders and the birds came. I had no experience with hummers, some of my images were taken with flash, most without. The birds come to the feeder but we had flowers and branches nearby for the birds to alight on, so that the image was more pleasing. Those big red plastic "flower" feeders are attractive only to the hummingbirds. Many creatures are nearly impossible to capture in nature and the set up process is necessary, it is how we share knowledge via imagery. Big animals like the Jaguar or the big 5 in Africa can be seen and photographed, but even they are prohibitive because of the cost of getting to them.

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